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Menehune Ripper Kai Nichols photo by Kim Grondin

Julia Nichols looking stylish at 2006 NE Regionals photo by Kim Grondin

Boys Kody Grondin Flying across the midsection photo by Kim Grondin

Boys Jesse Gould Lip Smack photo by Kim Grondin

Jr Mens LB Kyle Linsman Finds the sweet spot in NJ by Kim Grondin

Womans Finalist Nohea Nichols leans in photo by Kim Grondin

Mitch Repucci Maine's JrMen's LB Photo by Kim Grondin

JrMens Max Fatello hard off the bottom photo by Kim Grondin

Photo of TEAM NNE at the 2006 EASTERNS in Cape Hatteras photo by Ralph Fatello


2009 NNE Schedule

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